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A Phenotype is the physical appearance of a trait. To be considered a distinct phenotype for our Photo Contests, the strain should be uniquely identifiable by visual color characteristics.

A Genotype is simply the written expression of the genetic makeup of the trait in question.

Currently the TAS Standards Committee is working to expand the photos in our Phenotype Library. 

We will be offering HTML & PowerPoint Presentations of the Phenotype Library.

The first list of pictures are just temporary files until the "under construction files" are done.  Once the phenotype is listed in the new files it will be removed from the group below.  Many have already been placed in Volume 1.


Silver Clown
Gold Marble
Gold Marble/Gold
Gold Pearl
Smokey Blusher
Sunset Blusher

Under Construction Files:

HTML version HTML Dial-up version

Color Locus Pages:

Volume 1 Volume 1 Variations of the Wild/Silver (+/+)
Volume 2 Volume 2 Variations of the Dark gene (D)
Volume 3 Volume 3 Variations of the Marble gene (M)
Volume 4 Volume 4 Variations of the Gold gene (g)
Volume 5 Volume 5 Variations of the Gold Marble gene (Gm)
Volume 6 Volume 6 Variations of the Stripeless gene (S)
Volume 7 Volume 7 Variations of the Zebra gene (Z)
Volume 8 Volume 8 Variations of the Smokey gene (Sm)
Volume 9 Volume 9 Variations of the Halfblack gene (h)
Volume 10 Volume 10 Variations of the Albino gene (a)
Volume 11 Volume 11 Variations of the Pearlscale gene (p)
Volume 12 Volume 12 Variations of the Streaked gene (St)
Volume 13 Volume 13 Variations of the Veil gene (V)

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